The LeanSwift Team has been delivering Infor M3 ERP Business Solutions and Technical Services for over two decades. Our extensive experience and unique expertise in the ERP domain, in combination with our many products and special services, have helped us partner with Enterprise Companies all over the world.

Our mission is to improve our customers business processes including forecast,  order entry,  planning,  reporting,  finance and analysis and a wide range of other associated supply chain management activities.

Many of our solutions include integration between systems.  Our unmatched quality comes from the most experienced Consultants in the Infor M3 Arena.

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Sol´s is Live on eCommerce for M3!
January 12, 2015
  Sol´s is Live on  eConnect for M3! SOL’S Europe launched a new B2B site to support all boutiques and distributers throughout France. Infor M3... [Read More...][Read More]
Surteco choose eConnect for eCommerce for M3
December 16, 2014
Surteco selects Leanswift eCommerce for Infor M3 for their B2B  and B2C eCommerce initiative. Surteco manufacture and sell edging systems, technical extrusions, roller-shutter systems, plinth-strip systems and... [Read More...][Read More]
Cash Converters Spain selects LeanSwift Sales Analysis for Magento
August 14, 2014
Cash Converters Spain has decided to use Sales Analysis for Magento, developed by LeanSwift, for its new online store. Sales Analysis for Magento provides the... [Read More...][Read More]
Case Studies

Berkshire Corporation

Searching for an end-to-end solution implementing a new website design, a new eCommerce platform (Magento) and creating a seamless integration between the eCommerce platform and M3, and integrate a warehouse in M3, Berkshire partnered with LeanSwift Solutions to help roll out this very large and complicated project.

RedWing Shoes

The LeanSwift AR application gives the AR-team the information they need in one single place. Customer orders can be reviewed, credit orders can be released, customer dialogues are documented and therefore the customer service has been improved. When the evaluation period was completed the application was already an in-disposable asset to the Red Wing AR-team!

Augusta Sportswear

Looking for highly experienced M3 consultants, Augusta learned about LeanSwift Solutions - a team with the industry´s most experienced Infor M3 consultants covering all areas of the supply chain. Also in need of QlikView BI services, Leanswift has become a natural choice for Augusta Sportswear


With many types of orders to handle OldCastle found it challenging for the end users to complete all orders correctly. Also with a big need of a point of sale system, it became important to be able to satisfy a quick entry process for walk in customers. So with ComActivity as a Platform, a simplified order entry application was created for OldCastle. Now a modern and easy to use Interface is in place and is being used daily by hundreds of happy employees!

Live TV

LiveTV stores information in multiple systems and depends on regular access of data and reports for their analytics and decision making. QlikView allows them to easily look at the data in different ways and their leadership always gets their metrics immediately. The LiveTV business is very complex and their internal customers have very high expectations. QlikView has helped LiveTV access better reports and of course fast and accurate data!

Bargreen Ellingson

LeanSwift eConnect for Infor M3 and Magento seamlessly integrates information between the ERP system and the web shop. With well defined interfaces to Magento and Infor M3, this allows for upgrades or changes to the ERP system being made without disrupting the integration to Magento.


By choosing Magento, one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms in the world (owned by eBay), Sectra has made sure they will be able to create marketing campaigns with dynamically created product catalogs.

Teknor Apex

The Strategic decision to choose ComActivity will enable Teknor Apex to develop a series of applications to support the Business needs without doing any modifications to their M3 installation. Teknor Apex will be able to adhere to the Business Requirements through their M3 upgrade by managing all changes in ComActivity.

What Our Clients Are Saying

With our ERP system fully integrated with Magento, customers can place orders, view inventory and get correct order information 24/7
It has been so easy to move on a dime, as we’ve often needed to. LOVE my QlikView!!
We have taken a worldwide strategic decision to use ComActivity for our M3 modifications
LeanSwift is a natural choice for our M3 & QlikView services
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